Not to brag, but…

Our innovative, guide built gear has earned quite a reputation in the outdoor industry. Click each image to learn about our best-in-class award winners.

Evertherm Down Jacket Evertherm Down Jacket
Adventurer Trail Pack Adventurer Trail Pack
Movement Bra Movement Bra
BC Alpine Lite Jacket BC Alpine Lite Jacket
Transition Chukkas Transition Chukkas
Ignitelite Hybrid Jacket Ignitelite Hybrid Jacket
BC Evertherm Down Jacket BC Evertherm Down Jacket
Maximus Duffel Maximus Duffel
Ignitelite Flux Hooded Jacket Ignitelite Flux Hooded Jacket
Airbender 20 Sleeping Bag Airbender 20 Sleeping Bag
Immersion Jacket Immersion Jacket
Movement Capris Movement Capris
Neoteric Shell Neoteric Shell
Sorcerer Pack Sorcerer Pack
MicroTherm Field Jacket MicroTherm Field Jacket
Propellant Jacket Propellant Jacket


Tennis racket from Eddie Bauer Heritage


Eddie strikes out on his own with a racket-stringing business


Eddie ventures into handmade fishing lures…and a long, lucrative relationship with feathers


Eddie’s breakthrough down jacket is the birth of his brand



Eddie builds a flight suit for World War II airmen


Eddie earns his reputation as America’s premier expedition outfitter


The only 8000er first summited by Americans—wearing Eddie Bauer gear—is Gasherbrum I


Eddie outfits the first Americans to summit Everest


Bobby Kennedy wears Eddie Bauer gear on first ascent of mountain named for JFK


Eddie Bauer outfits first ascent of Antarctica’s highest peak


First Americans summit world’s 7th highest peak (Dhaulagiri) in
Eddie Bauer gear


Return to Everest: Eddie Bauer launches First Ascent—from the top of the world


Born in the field, Sport Shop is the newest thinking in design, fit, and fabrication for sportsmen and sportswomen


Eddie Bauer launches Sport Shop Fishing and celebrates five years of First Ascent


Sport Shop Riverbank Pants win Gray’s Sporting Journal’s “Grey’s Best” Award—the 22nd Sport Shop or First Ascent award since 2011

Snow hiking in Vermont Snow hiking in Vermont
Fishing in Madison, Wisconsin Fishing in Madison, Wisconsin
Ski Adventures in Vail, Colorado Ski Adventures in Vail, Colorado
Snowboarding in Michigan Snowboarding in Michigan
Adventure in Paradise Valley, Montana Adventure in Paradise Valley, Montana
Motorcycle Adventures in Wisconsin Motorcycle Adventures in Wisconsin
Rappelling in Starved Rock State Park, Illinois Rappelling in Starved Rock State Park, Illinois
Hiking in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona Hiking in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Disaster Relief
Disaster Relief

Eddie Bauer partners with the American Red Cross to provide disaster and crisis relief efforts in the communities where we operate and around the world. Through corporate donations, associate contributions, and customer giving, Eddie Bauer has contributed nearly $700,000 to American Red Cross.

Youth Mentorship
Youth Mentorship

Our partnership with Big City Mountaineers aims to change young lives through wilderness mentoring. Through sponsorship and product donation, Eddie Bauer helps to provide kids with the opportunity to live their adventures while transforming their lives.

In 2018, Eddie Bauer and Big City Mountaineers partnered for the #whyihike campaign, where customers were encouraged to purchase co-branded merchandise, make a donation at check-out, and participate in storytelling about why they hike. This partnership raised over $40,000 for BCM programs in the United States.

In 2015 & 2016, Eddie Bauer was the title sponsor for BCM’s Summer Overnight Camps in Colorado. Beyond underwriting, Eddie Bauer Associates worked as “camp counselors,” mentoring 8-12 year old youth on their first camping experiences. Mentors participated in all camp activities, role modeling appropriate behavior, assisting Overnight Camp Staff with leading activities and meal times, and mentoring BCM’s youngest students.

Conservation & Preservation
Conservation & Preservation

American Forests. For over 20 years, Eddie Bauer has been helping American Forests restore threatened forest ecosystems, one tree at a time. In February 2016, Eddie Bauer announced The One Tree Initiative. The inspiration and purpose of the campaign is to ignite action across a widespread audience, highlighting that our forests are an invaluable resource. And with very little effort, we can do a lot to preserve them for our future. With the launch of The One Tree Initiative, Eddie Bauer pledges its continued support of American Forests’ mission to protect and restore threatened forest ecosystems around the world, one tree at a time.

Eddie Bauer’s partnership with American Forest, has created the most successful reforestation project by a retail business in the United States. During our two-decade partnership, Eddie Bauer and our customers have funded the replanting of more than 7 million trees in 150 unique ecosystems in the US and Canada. Projects have included backing of an urban forests initiative in ten major markets in 1999, distribution of half a million seedlings to customers in 2000, planting of 9/11 memorial groves in 2002, launching the wildfire ReLeaf program, introducing the “Add a Dollar, Plant a Tree programs,” and helping them plan their 50 millionth tree in 2015.

In 2018, Eddie Bauer and American Forests partnered for the #whyihike campaign, where customers were encouraged to purchase co-branded merchandise, make a donation at check-out, and participate in storytelling about why they hike. This partnership raised $200,000 for American Forests programs in the United States and Canada.

Give Your Adventure
Give Your Adventure

Our passions are far-reaching and we believe in supporting our Associates and Guides’ commitments to their communities. From company-wide participation in charity events to supporting the causes backed by our guides like The Juniper Fund, Eddie Bauer gives back to its communities through its associates and guides.

  • Give Your Adventure program. Eddie Bauer regularly closes our corporate offices in Washington and Illinois to make an impact in our local communities. Each volunteer afternoon generates 1,500 man-hours that make an impact on food banks, youth camps, homeless shelters, parks, and trails.
  • Good360. Eddie Bauer receives apparel samples as part of our product development process. Once finished, we partner with Good360 to ensure these items are donated to those in our US and Canadian communities who most need them. Prior to 2018, Eddie Bauer worked with Delivering Good to donate $1.3M in product over 3 years, including $40,000 in gear to non-profits working to support victims of the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal in 2015.